Choosing to visit Dr. Halle's Chiropractic office was the best decision I have ever made. I had been suffering with severe low back and nerve pain, as well as neck pain for many years. Upon my arrival to the office I was immediately welcomed by a friendly and professional staff. The first thing I remember about Dr. Halle is his caring and compassionate nature. He took the time to really listen to my concerns and go over a treatment plan uniquely made for my needs. He explained that it would take patience and a commitment from both he and I for successful treatment. I immediately felt results and within a couple months I was having days that I was completely pain free. Something I had not experienced in years. Because Dr. Halle cares more about his patients health than his own financial gain, I have been able to continue my care on a regular schedule, extremely good results, and with far less out of pocket cost then paying for doctor visits and all the medications they wanted me to take for pain control. I encourage you now to make an appointment with Dr. Halle and be one step closer to a healthier, pain free life.

B. Gardner

Regarding Daron Halle Chiropractic

I came to Dr. Halle with symptoms of numbness, tingling and aching in the outer part of my right arm going down into the last two fingers of the right hand.  The aching was keeping me awake at night.  What had began as an intermittent issue had progressed to constant and more intense.  As a health care professional, I knew the usual methods that my PCP would recommend.  I went out in search of a chiropractor and know that God lead me to Dr. Halle.

I was impressed that I was given an appointment to see Doctor Halle when I walked in a inquired about their services.  That visit was an extensive interview by the Doctor and X-rays of my cervical spine.  The next visit was with Dr. Halle reviewing the X-ray findings and outlining the plan of treatment recommended.

The symptoms in my right arm are almost completely relieved.  Doctor Halle evaluates and intervenes on all “my other aches and pains” as I make him aware of them.  I feel so much better.

The Doctor and the staff demonstrate a sincere caring for me as an individual.  I can honestly say that I have come to feel that they are all like an extended family that I enjoy visiting during my appointments.

C. Clayton, RN

About ten years ago, I was introduced to Dr. Halle by a family friend after I woke up unable to turn my head left.  I was immediately impressed by his office staff and his ideals as Chiropractor.  Although, he lets it be known that he believes that a regular chiropractic regimen can add to a person being more healthful; he is also sensitive to the fact that this isn’t always financially feasible.  He has helped me through diagnosis, adjustment, therapy, and followed up by teaching me to care for my spine outside of the office.  He teaches his patients exercise specific to their injuries, helps them to understand that overall fitness is going to help them long term, amongst other things.  The best description for his services is Total Care.  I saw Dr. Halle twice a week for two weeks before I felt better.  I continued to see him once a week for 6 months by choice to be sure.  When my fiancé was injured in a fall, I knew just where to send him.  He was equally impressed.  Not long after that, I became a patient again after being violently injured in a mugging.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the service was every bit as good.  And had gotten better, his business had been stream lined.  And Dr. Halle himself has continued to learn to add to his service. He’s a wealth of knowledge.  If you have questions, don’t hold back.  He has answers or the recommendations of where to get them.

Tabitha Warren.

  • "I've been going to Daron Halle Chiropractic since July 2013, At that time I had trouble turning my neck and always had tightness in my back, neck and shoulders. Through chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy I can now turn my neck without pain and I don't have the tightness in my back, neck and shoulders now. Dr. Halle is great and so is his very friendly staff."
    T. Bokmann